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Civil & Criminal Investigations

A civil investigation helps uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trail. A civil trial is the opposite of a criminal trail. A criminal investigation seeks, collects and uses evidence for a case or a specific- differs from a civil trial, which involves individuals debating their rights.


Cheating Spouse Investigations

It is, “The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner”, or another definition is, “marital disloyalty; adultery, unfaithfulness; disloyalty”. Infidelity can ruin a home and destroy a family. Even if the couple has a good relationship with each other, infidelity can still occur.


Missing Persons

Missing persons investigations are simply the best way to find out the truth about anyone you cannot find.
On average, more than 800,000 people are reported as missing and are entered into FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) annually. Of these, 85%-90% are minors. These statistics do not include those who are unofficially missing such as those who have not been reported as missing persons.


Background Checks

As the leading innovator in the pre-employment background check industry, we specialize in providing organizations with industry specific solutions for an optimally successful pre-employment screening program. We have the necessary tools, resources and years of experience to help you better manage your hiring and screening policies, ensuring your team is made up of only the most qualified candidates.


Family Law Issues

Our family law service addresses the needs of every single client, and investigates all matters that directly affect a divorce. Our experience and skills can prove to be an asset in divorce investigations and matters related to child custody, infidelity, asset investigation and background checks.


Asset Checks

We have a network of experts in most parts of the world, enabling us to overcome any jurisdictional issues often associated with asset search investigations.

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Our Special Services

Counter Surveillance

There’s always a chance unfriendly eyes are on you, be it from stalkers, disgruntled employees, professional corporate espionage agents, or any other number of nefarious ne’er-do-wells. If you believe there’s a chance you’re the victim of unscrupulous eavesdroppers, call QUINN onto the case.

GPS Tracking

Our experienced Private Investigators use real time GPS Tracking to catch Cheating Spouses in our Adultery-Infidelity cases. Call when Its Time To Know The Truth.

Covert equipment, Nanny cameras, Security cameras, etc

We have the ability to retrieve evidence through Covert Equipment.

Debugging, Home, Business, Vehicle, Boat

QUINNS debugging technician specialists will sweep your business, vehicle, home, or cell phone for electronic eavesdropping devices. Our expert services team has the experience and the equipment to seek out and dismantle bugs

Cyber Crimes

If the case is internet based, finding the internet protocol (IP) addresses is your first step in the investigation. An IP address consists of numbers and letter, and that series is attached to any data moving through the internet. Contact us today.

Discounts: Senior Citizens- Military-AARP-AAA

What our clients say

Thank You- I can’t thank you enough for your help when my son was missing. I didn’t know where to begin since I am in NC and he went missing in Orange County, CA. You knew exactly when, how and what to do and I don’t think we would have found him if not for your help and support for those six excruciating days. I have already posted it all over my facebook and will tell anyone who would ever need a PI that you are the person to call. Robyn Pharr Charlotte, NC

Robyn Pharr

Thanks Frank-It was a pleasure doing business with, Frank Quintanar at Quinn & Associates Confidential Investigations is a very honest and Professional person, I totally recommend his company because of the big efforts, speedy response and hard work he provided me!! Thanks Frank!!!Ed San Diego, California


Competent And Professional-I recently found myself in the uncomfortable position of needing a private investigator. Living across the country, I first hired a nationwide PI agency out of New York to help me. They cost double and produced absolutely no results with little contact. The following month, I hired Frank Quintanar Jr. Not only was Frank competent and professional.. He was vigilant and determined to provide the information I required. He was in constant contact with me during the several days he worked which made the 3,000 miles apart from the predicament feel more tolerable. Once Frank acquired the information I needed he also respected the sensitivity of my situation. I recommend Quinn and Associates without question and though I hope to never require a PI again.. If I did, it’s Frank or nobody! Tammy Washington, DC


I found Frank Quintanar on the internet. Usually, I dont have much luck with things like this!! But I got lucky when I found Frank. He did the best job for my son and i..He was very professional, and cares about what is going on in your life, I would highly recommend Quinn & Associates Investigations. He worked fast and got the results.. they didn’t drag things out just to get more money. Im a waitress, the money I put out was not a lot but for me it was huge….. Frank worked fast and thought of me and my family. I greatly appreciate the work they had done for me and my son…Thank you very much!!! Lisa Shaw AND her son ?Brookings, Oregon


I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Quintanar for more than 13 years, during this time we have learned that we can always count on Frank to come through no matter how difficult the assignment. I have lost count of the number of assignments that Frank has completed for me; his work is always top of the line. I can always count on his integrity, professionalism and honesty. Frank Quintanar is more than a colleague, he is a friend that I count on and trust. Paul Mockridge Cerritos, CA

Paul Mockridge

I am very pleased with the work Frank Quintanar Jr did for me. He was fast, accurate, and cared about making me certain that I understood the results. He took the time necessary to helping me without rushing me through. I would definitely hire him again if I had the need. Lynn Rosenberg Long Beach, California

Lynn Rosenberg

Frank Quintanar Jr the Director/Owner of Quinn & Associates Confidential Investigations provided me with an exceptional customer service experience. His prompt return of my phone calls, friendly demeanor combined with his knowledge and expertise added to the successful outcome of the final product. They produced both a positive experience and the information I was searching for. I recommend Frank at Quinn & Associates without reservation for any of your private investigation needs.LanceOrange County


Frank,All I have is a glowing reference for you, I think people here should know how your work, rapid response time, attention to detail, determination, professionalism, and positive mental attitude OUT SHINES ALL OF YOUR COMPETITION!!!I live in Colorado, my fiance arrived from Colombia on a K-1 Fiance Visa and only after a week-and-a-half she disappeared. What do I mean? She left a note saying she was going for a walk/shopping and that she would return in a couple hours. 4 hours after her expected return time I filed a missing person report with the local police department. Long story short … more than 4 days later I had minimal leads that her location was in California. Three different police departments were unable to assist me. But within 5 hours after hiring Frank, he had located her safe and sound and was in constant contact with me!Frank, YOU ROCK!Thank you,– Hugh Knaus

Hugh Knaus

I needed help in a very big way, I highly recommend Quinn & Associates for your all your confidential investigations needs. The owner, Frank was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He was very caring, he provided good advice and was affordable. I checked with so many private investigation’s companies out there, but I chose Quinn & Associates investigations for many reasons, they were very prompt and gave me the Results same Day. Frank did the work for me personally, he was definitely the right Person for the job, At least now I am not confused about what is going on in my Life, and what I must do now!SandhuCorona, California


Quinn and Associates Investigations worked on a personal matter for me and they did a great job. I found the work to be highly satisfactory and interesting in their methods. Frank/Owner really did care about my situation and he provided excellent advice from the beginning to the end.S. AbedBrea, California

Samantha Abed